I was watching an episode of the ‘Trisha Goddard Show’ and the host surprised her audience with the special, or should I say heavy appearance of Elizabeth Starr, a former adult movie actress who had some serious breast implants and has undergone 63 surgeries so far. The last surgery (string surgery) which is said to make her body produce fluids to her breasts is the issue right now. She says; “I get multiple inquiries yearly from other women in the industry and outside,” Elizabeth Starr said on a new episode of the Trisha Goddard Show. “They ask me, ‘where do I get the implants? Who’s my surgeon?'”

Starr has previously said the complications arising from string implants that gave her sizing-chart-busting breasts could lead to her death, because of the risk of blood clots or infections.

She’s gone through more than 60 corrective surgeries over the last 15 years because of the implants. Though they put her life in danger, Starr said she doesn’t want to go under the knife again to have them removed.

“Her life has become her boobs,” Goddard told The Huffington Post. “That’s how she’s put food on the table for her kids, that’s what she’s famous for. You take that away, I’m guessing that would be a very scary proposition.”

Scary indeed, a warning to all my single ladies out there. Your boobs are your life, protect them!


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