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From swift moving gossip, we have discovered that Kim Kardashian’s offer to Victoria Beckham, wife of ex- superstar footballer and money-man, David Beckham, to design her wedding gown has been rejected. According to
“Kim reportedly approached Victoria Beckham about designing her wedding gown and Posh turned her down because she was afraid of devaluing her brand”.

Naturally, that’s not the official reason, and Victoria gave Kim some BS line about being too busy, but sources close to Beckham’s company say the former Spice Girl is fiercely protective of her brand’s reputation and would never put it at risk by associating herself with Kimye.

One insider says: “Kim was desperate to wear a VB dress for her big day, but Victoria deals with the very A-list of the showbiz world, including royals, and doesn’t want to be dragged into the world of reality stars.

Smart move, Posh. Not only will you avoid being pulled down into the trashy pit of American reality TV, you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to locate enough fabric to cover Kim’s ever-expanding ass.

Kim and Kanye are expected to tie the knot in a series of secret ceremonies that may start as early as this weekend.

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